The streets of NYC

During the final week of September 2013 I paid my first visit to the mammoth, perpetual metropolis that is New York City.

Armed with my camera I set foot in a decent portion of the neighbourhoods that make up Manhattan, from Harlem down to the Financial District; occasionally venturing further to the boroughs of Brooklyn in the south and Queens in the west.

For me, it was a city of extremes. There were aspects of NYC that I adored more than anywhere I’ve been, from the glorious range of cuisines available at my fingertips to the remarkable ease of navigation thanks to the famous numbered streets & avenues. On the other extreme, I was taken aback at how tarnished the city appeared – it’s as though the urban thoroughfares hadn’t seen a scrubbing brush since the 1940’s! At the end of the day though, I must say the grimy streets do add to the charm and help make the most populous city in the United States what it is today.

I’ll definitely return soon to see more – but until then, this is what I’ve seen already:

New York-1
A bright flower garden near Bryant Park on 42nd Street


New York-2
Satan apparently dwells on 5th Avenue


New York-3
A chimney in the middle of the street!


New York-4
Splendid view of Macy’s (the world’s largest retail store) from the summit of the Empire State


New York-5
Masters of chess at Union Square


New York-6
I love how there are American flags like this posted on the doors at every subway station


New York-7
The majestic Brooklyn Bridge


New York-8
Padlocks of love


New York-9
Some indecipherably unique musical notation on a Brooklyn Bridge pylon


New York-10
A Jay-Z inspired message on the wall?


New York-11
Facing the Manhattan Bridge from Water Street in Brooklyn


New York-12
No parking sign in the DUMBO district (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass)


New York-13
DUMBO was my favourite area in the whole of NYC to explore… it has an unrivalled character to it


New York-14
Some bright DUMBO street art


New York-15
A Brooklyn sunset


New York-16
The roof of an apartment building as seen from the north side of the Manhattan Bridge pedestrian crossing


New York-17
At the 9/11 Tribute Centre <3


New York-18
One of the nearly-completed new World Trade Centre buildings, with the Survivor Tree in the foreground. This tree not only survived the horrors of the WTC collapse, but also made it through Hurricane Sandy alive. May it live many more peaceful years.


New York-19
A fenced-off block near the Civic Centre


New York-20
A typical NYC subway


New York-21
Leading into the subway darkness…


New York-22
Some unrecognisable but interesting devices on the subway ceiling


New York-23
A playful Madison Square squirrel


New York-24
Soho health alert #1


New York-25
Soho health alert #2


New York-26
Looking down at the railway passing beneath 11th Avenue


New York-27
The streets below the Chelsea High Line


New York-28
Getting hitched on the High Line!


New York-29
A reflection of the MetLife building, above Grand Central Terminal


New York-30
One of the many 14th Street subway platforms

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