Reuniting with a lost melody: my 25 year search for a song

Way back in 1998, at the youthful age of 14, I heard a song on CMT, the chorus of which embedded deeply into my memory. The words, as I remember, still ring clear to me today:

Love is like a cane fire
Your love is like a cane fire at night
Love it like a cane fire
Sugar burning, sugar burning

Unfortunately I didn’t catch any details of the band, but I figured it wouldn’t be so difficult to track down. Boy… how wrong could I have been? I never imagined it would lead me on a 25 year-long quest.

Finally, after two and a half decades of repeated googling, asking radio stations, flicking through countless CD’s at record stores, searching all over the web in online forms and social media, I managed to track it down!

This is the story of how I was reunited with Cane Fire by Strum. Written by Timo Tolvanen (a.k.a. Tim Withano), and produced by Glenn Heaton, it was released in 1997 on Strum’s EP, Distant Rain.

I hope you enjoy Cane Fire as much as I do.

You can find more info about Tim Withano here:

Tim’s Website

And thanks also to Daimon Martin for the footage of the cane fire! Find him around the web here:


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