During the final week of September 2013 I paid my first visit to the mammoth, perpetual metropolis that is New York City.

Armed with my camera I set foot in a decent portion of the neighbourhoods that make up Manhattan, from Harlem down to the Financial District; occasionally venturing further to the boroughs of Brooklyn in the south and Queens in the west.

For me, it was a city of extremes. There were aspects of NYC that I adored more than anywhere I’ve been, from the glorious range of cuisines available at my fingertips to the remarkable ease of navigation thanks to the famous numbered streets & avenues. On the other extreme, I was taken aback at how tarnished the city appeared – it’s as though the urban thoroughfares hadn’t seen a scrubbing brush since the 1940’s! At the end of the day though, I must say the grimy streets do add to the charm and help make the most populous city in the United States what it is today.

I’ll definitely return soon to see more – but until then, this is what I’ve seen already:

New York-1
A bright flower garden near Bryant Park on 42nd Street


New York-2
Satan apparently dwells on 5th Avenue


New York-3
A chimney in the middle of the street!


New York-4
Splendid view of Macy’s (the world’s largest retail store) from the summit of the Empire State


New York-5
Masters of chess at Union Square


New York-6
I love how there are American flags like this posted on the doors at every subway station


New York-7
The majestic Brooklyn Bridge


New York-8
Padlocks of love


New York-9
Some indecipherably unique musical notation on a Brooklyn Bridge pylon


New York-10
A Jay-Z inspired message on the wall?


New York-11
Facing the Manhattan Bridge from Water Street in Brooklyn


New York-12
No parking sign in the DUMBO district (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass)


New York-13
DUMBO was my favourite area in the whole of NYC to explore… it has an unrivalled character to it


New York-14
Some bright DUMBO street art


New York-15
A Brooklyn sunset


New York-16
The roof of an apartment building as seen from the north side of the Manhattan Bridge pedestrian crossing


New York-17
At the 9/11 Tribute Centre <3


New York-18
One of the nearly-completed new World Trade Centre buildings, with the Survivor Tree in the foreground. This tree not only survived the horrors of the WTC collapse, but also made it through Hurricane Sandy alive. May it live many more peaceful years.


New York-19
A fenced-off block near the Civic Centre


New York-20
A typical NYC subway


New York-21
Leading into the subway darkness…


New York-22
Some unrecognisable but interesting devices on the subway ceiling


New York-23
A playful Madison Square squirrel


New York-24
Soho health alert #1


New York-25
Soho health alert #2


New York-26
Looking down at the railway passing beneath 11th Avenue


New York-27
The streets below the Chelsea High Line


New York-28
Getting hitched on the High Line!


New York-29
A reflection of the MetLife building, above Grand Central Terminal


New York-30
One of the many 14th Street subway platforms

Last Sunday I went to my very first baseball game at Citi Field in Queens, New York City! Before I left work in Sydney, my very kind colleagues had chipped in for a ticket to see the New York Mets vs the Milwaukee Brewers as my leaving gift. I thought I’d share some observations & pics here so that everyone back at home can see what the experience was like 🙂

Pretty much everything I knew about baseball up until this point, I’d learnt either from The Simpsons or from the baseball game on Wii Sports. I’d never even seen a match on TV before. Well, I did actually play a bit of softball in year 7 but it is a different game and I can barely remember a thing about it – so I will admit to being a true baseball virgin as I made my way along the crowded #7 subway line headed to Mets – Willets Point station.


Pre-match presentation

I arrived at the stadium around 1pm along with many thousands of Mets supporters (I didn’t see a single Brewers fan all day) and we all queued for quite some time to get through security. Unlike most attractions I’d been to in NYC so far, there was no annoying X-Ray scanner here – just a simple bag search and a pat-down.

As soon as I got in I was chased by a woman who threw a free Mets 31 t-shirt at me! I wasn’t expecting a free shirt and apparently I walked right past her as she was handing them out at the entrance.

It took a while to find my seat – it was up four flights of stairs accessible only at the other end of the stadium, but I was presented with this awesome view once I got there:

01 Baseball
I doubt there was a better seat in the house!

The mayor of NYC, Michael Bloomburg, had just begun a pre-match presentation, inducting a charming fellow named Mike Piazza into the Mets Hall Of Fame. I had no idea who he was but he seemed well-loved by the crowd.

After a short speech, Bloomberg proclaimed the 29th of September 2013 to be “Mike Piazza Day.” Oh, how the crowd cheered!

A bloke called John Franco came up to the podium and said a few words, followed by a few others who all beamed about ol’ mate Piazza. Bloomberg came back to present the award, which Piazza received to a standing ovation:

02 Baseball
Mets Hall of Fame inductee Mike Piazza accepting his award

He thanked The Mets. People cheered.

He thanked God. More people cheered.

He thanked Fonzie, and then he thanked his agent because if it wasn’t for him, he might have ended up playing for the The Dodgers. People cheered again.

He thanked Fred & Jeff. People booed. Poor Fred & Jeff 🙁

He was very emotional when he thanked his dad. That brought the biggest cheer from the crowd. He thanked the rest of his family and promised to teach his young son how to hit – “the rest is up to him,” he said. That got a laugh.

After the presentation he took part in the Ceremonial First Throw, which was caught by the current Mets captain, David Wright:

03 Baseball
The Ceremonial First Throw

The ticket holder of the day then appeared on camera – a lass named Bonnie who had been a Mets member since 2006. She had the honour of saying “Play ball!” into the microphone – and so the game began.

04 Baseball
A full stadium of Mets supporters


The Game!

The Mets started on the field with the Brewers batting. After merely five minutes, three Brewers players at the pitch and not a single hit of the ball, the teams changed sides – what the…? So soon? Did someone call time out? I had no idea what was going on.

It took me a few innings to realise there are three outs per frame, two frames per innings, and that not every innings results in runs.

The first run was scored 20 minutes into the game by the Mets. I was sure he was out because the ball reached home base before he did, but apparently he made it in time.

In the next innings, one of the Brewers made a successful dash from first to second as the pitcher was about to deliver the ball to the batter. Sneaky little bugger. I didn’t know they were allowed to do that.

It was around this time I noticed there were no sponsor logos painted on the field, which made a pleasant change from Australian sporting fields that are plastered with corporate emblems at awkward angles so that they look good on TV.

At the fourth innings there was a massive cheer when a Brewers player at third base ran home & got caught out. Sucker.

Some people came out between an innings to rake the field. Interesting.

05 Baseball
The field rakers

There was a deliberation about another Brewers guy who safely made it to first base, but the crowd didn’t agree. Lots of boos.

The crowd made an unexpected cheer when #5 David Wright was called up to bat – and then I remembered he was the team captain who caught the Ceremonial First Throw earlier in the proceedings.

In between one of the innings they showed 1800 Kiss Cam on the video screen. A roaming camera focused on couples in the crowd and the idea was that they’d see themselves on the screen and kiss. The most heartwarming kiss was from an elderly couple probably in their 70’s, it got a big “Awwwww” from the audience. Such a cute idea 🙂


The Hot Dog

During the 5th innings I decided to go for a walk and buy some food. But first I went to the bathroom to change into my free Mets 31 shirt, which I now realised was in honour of Mike Piazza’s Hall of Fame induction.

I made my way to the bar and ordered a hot dog & large Budweiser (with souvenir plastic cup).

While my order was being prepared, a guy who had just been served came back to the counter and asked the assistant if he could have an empty cup for dipping sauce. The guy at the counter wouldn’t give him one and said he’d have to pay $1.50 if he wanted the empty cup … “That completely puts me off the Mets, man!” he jeered back in frustration as he cuplessly walked away. Haha.

With hands full of beer and sausage I climbed over everyone to get back to my seat, eager to try my first proper Nathan’s Famous New York hot dog – and what better place to try but the baseball! But hang on… I opened my container and all I got was a bread roll and a sausage, what’s going on here? There was no sauce / mustard / onions, nothing!

I learnt the hard way that you have to put your own bloody condiments on the hot dog at the condiments stand. I couldn’t be bothered climbing back over everyone and proceeded to eat the most miserable looking hot dog I’d ever had in my life.

06 Baseball


07 Baseball
At least the beer was tops!


08 Baseball
Some more of the happy Mets crowd


Good singing, bad Mexican Waves & the result

Around two thirds into the game we were all asked to stand and remove out hats for a rendition of God Bless America, sung by a young police officer. It was quite a humbling moment to be amongst thousands of patriotic Americans singing their praises at the top of their lungs.

Then some people dressed as chickens came out onto the field and got everyone to sing Let’s Go Out To The Ball Game.

I could hear a lot of cheering in the grandstand above me and looking up we could make out the beginnings of a Mexican Wave. They attempted to start it twice, but both times it didn’t even last a quarter of the stadium until it fizzled out. Americans might rule at singing patriotic songs in harmonic unison, but they suck at Mexican Waves.

09 Baseball
The Mets at play during the final few innings

At the eighth innings the Mets pitcher suspected another sneaky Brewer was about to make his way from first to second base unannounced, so he threw the ball to his teammate on first to scare him – but he missed the catch and let the Brewers guy complete his run to second with ease!

There hadn’t been a run scored since the fourth innings. It was 2-1 to the Brewers and being nearly 3 hours in, the game was starting to get a little slow and uneventful to be honest.

But the biggest moment of excitement was yet to come. In the second frame of the eighth innings, the Mets batter hit a short ball which was overthrown by the Brewers catcher to first – the Mets guy who was on first at the time made it all the way to home, hurrah!

That was followed straight afterwards by another perfectly angled shot, resulting in yet another Mets run.

At 3-2 to the Mets, the Brewers were unsuccessful batters in the ninth innings and the game was called.

The Mets won and we all went home happy!

10 Baseball
Cheers to that!


What sport should I see next?

The baseball was (surprisingly) a heap of fun. While I’ll never be a sports aficionado, I am pretty keen on at least seeing one match of every major sport while I’m based in North America. In my last few months in Sydney I managed to see a live match of AFL, NRL and Association Football, so I’ll try my best to continue the trend while I’m running hot.

So what should I see next?

Or something else entirely?

Feel freeI to leave a comment below – I await your suggestions 🙂

And better luck in the playoffs next year, Mets!