For nearly two years now I’ve lived in the Sydney suburb of Kirribilli, and I love it.

It’s central yet secluded, quiet yet free from dreariness, clean, colourful, scenic, friendly, and altogether just plain awesome.

Today, I’ve been inspired to write this blog post about my beloved locality. Firstly, my tribute to the gorgeous Lady Gowrie Lookout, and secondly, some snaps I took at this afternoon’s open day at Admiralty House (the official Sydney residence of the Governor General of Australia) and Kirribilli House (the official Sydney residence of the Prime Minister of Australia).


Lady Gowrie Lookout

Not long after I moved to area, I went for an afternoon walk past the two Government residences, and ended up at the bottom of a neighbouring lookout named after Lady Gowrie, the wife of the 10th Australian Governor General.

It was there that I noticed a heartfelt couple of lines painted onto the rocks, just a few metres from the shimmering waters edge:



one year

Where else in the world could you get away with emblazoning your love for all to see on the outer walls of the Prime Minister’s residence? James & Georgie’s tale inspired me, and together with my penchant for songs about Australian locations, I couldn’t help but write one about it.

This is a video I made recently to accompany the tune, featuring scenes from around Kirribilli and the lookout itself. It’s even a finalist in this years SydneyVision song contest! I hope you like it:

(if you happen to know who James & Georgie are, please let them know somebody has written a song about them!)


Admiralty & Kirribilli House Open Day

I was up fairly early this morning and went for a stroll toward the lookout, to sit at the park bench overlooking the harbour and read the paper. I noticed a number of people were queuing up outside the gates of Admiralty House, and it soon dawned on me that today was the annual open day, put on by the Australiana Fund.

I collected my camera from home and returned to the open day where I spent a good part of the morning exploring the normally-concealed gardens. Unfortunately photography wasn’t allowed inside either of the houses, but there was still plenty to capture outside their walls.

After two years of wondering what lay behind the heavily-secured boundaries, this is some of what I had the pleasure of seeing today:

The Harbour Bridge from the rear of Admiralty House


Admiralty House


The Governor General has the most perfect view


Nothing more Aussie than an Admiralty House sausage sizzle


An Opera House flower


Fort Denison in the background


Peeking at the giant sails through the garden


Passing ferry


Admiralty House garden bed


Picnicking on the lawns behind Admiralty House


Prime Ministerial lemons


The queue leading into Admiralty House


A bridge-inspired view of the queue


Rock fountain not far from the Admiralty House entrance


A little ray of sunshine


Prime Ministerial swimming pool


The ever-charming Kirribilli House


Kirribilli House garden bed


The lawns at the rear of Kirribilli House


Thank heavens for open days


The very Aussie southern cross on the Kirribilli House outer gates


Isn’t Kirribilli beautiful? 😀