Sprawled on the bed with my hands on my head and my legs in the air
Knees fully bent, squeezing every last cent from my heart’s once-full share
Eyes to the glass, not a stir, not a pass, just a blink, almost dead
I silently weep while you pleasantly sleep underneath my dark bed

The walls that enclose me are crushing me slowly with inklings of doubt
Like the light that shines pale cause the circuitry’s failed, I’d be better without
The beam up above is as black as my love, once a soft shade of red
Still I lay in a heap while you soulfully sleep underneath my dark bed

In my breath I hear creaks from the oil that leaks out the bones of my chest
Through the blankets and sheets and the mattress it seeps, then it drips down to rest
In your space, where it’s mending this no comprehending of where I’ve been led
Yet I still cannot sleep while your dreams make me weep underneath my dark bed

No it just won’t be bright til I turn on that light underneath my dark bed

© 2008 Daniel Schaumann