Earlier this afternoon I went to the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney specifically to take photos of the sulphur-crested cockatoos that hang out in the trees and on the lawns. They were so damn adorable and surprisingly tame. Here are my favourites of the snaps I took:


Cockatoo munching on a twig


Cockatoo with a cheeky look on his face


Cockatoo & a statue


More cockatoos


Cockatoo sitting at the top of a tree stump


Cockatoos arguing over an irrigation system


Cockatoo sitting on a signpost


Cockatoo on a palm frond


Not a cockatoo


Cockatoos fossicking through the ground


Cockatoo with the Harbour Bridge in the background


Cockatoo with Sydney Tower in the background


Cockatoos by a flower garden


Cockatoo having a sip of water from a leaking tap


Not cockatoos


I want one as a pet now!