The crystal ball

Earlier this year as I was packing my belongings during a house relocation, I decided to put a few things up for sale which I didn’t need any more. One of them was a crystal photography ball, similar to this:

Basically it’s a transparent crystal ball you can use to take inverted, reflective photos with. I got it as a Reddit Secret Santa gift years ago, toyed with it once and never had a use for it after that. You can pick them up for $20 on Amazon but I listed mine for $10 on Facebook Marketplace.

One guy, who I shall name Frederic, showed some interest in the crystal ball to cast “gnar spells” with and went as far as paying me for it, but curiously, he never actually collected the item from me, nor did he accept a refund. I ended up profiting $10 for absolutely no reason!

Check out my story on YouTube to find out what happened:

Frederic was a true character – one of those people you encounter from time to time who just make you shake your head and laugh.

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