16,396 hz
16,396 hugs
16,396 tears
16,396 prayers
16,396 reasons
16,396 caresses
16,396 thoughts
16,396 tastebuds
16,396 memories
16,396 heartbeats
16,396 compliments
16,396 goosebumps
16,396 km I travelled
16,396 synchronicities
16,396 days left to live
16,396 blinks of an eye
16,396 keys I would play
16,396 breaths I breathe
16,396 songs I would sing
16,396 strikes of lightning
16,396 more lonely nights
16,396 pages I would write
16,396 strings on my guitar
16,396 sensory experiences
16,396 pounds I would spend
16,396 colours of our rainbow
16,396 stairways I would climb
16,396 ways to blow your mind
16,396 abodes in the city below
16,396 masts in our marina of love
16,396 miles per hour my mind runs
16,396 notes in the score of our lives
16,396 times I would smile every day
16,396 petals on the roses I send you
* (actually no, make that 16,397, for reasons known only to me)
16,396 litres of blood my heart pumps
16,396 red bricks laid as our foundation
16,396 doors I would knock on to find you
16,396 rocks climbed to the top of our outcrop
16,396 seconds of sleeplessness so far tonight
16,396 fractal extensions within our tree of love
16,396 heart-shaped strawberries we would pick
16,396 crowded streets I would search to find you
16,396 faces I pass, wishing one of them were you
16,396 drops of rain surrounding us as we embrace
16,396 windows looking out upon the rooftops below
16,396 grains of velvet sand I run through your hands
16,396 holes in my heart that can only be filled by you
16,396 nanoseconds between our connecting thoughts
16,396 loops on this seemingly everlasting rollercoaster
16,396 rays of light extending from my hand-painted sun
16,396 fish in the sea, only one of them worthy of catching
16,396 kilometres of veins & capillaries throughout our bodies
16,396 paintstrokes I mind-numbingly count on the ceiling above
16,396 times I kick myself for not being the person I thought I was
16,396 candles lit in the cathedral, only one of them bright enough
16,396 steps I walked with you up the monumental Parisian landmark

16,396 more lifetimes I would live… just to meet you again.

© 2008 Daniel Schaumann

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