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Neon saint

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September 13th, 2012 Posted 10:25 pm

I had a very interesting experience last night.

In the wee hours of the morning, maybe 2 or 3am, my subconscious instilled me with a rather compelling dream.

I dreamt I was in an elevator in a tall building – not a modern elevator, but an old-fashioned caged hoist. It wasn’t fully caged either. The top half of the cage was completely exposed, not dissimilar to the basket at the top of a cherry picker except slightly larger and connected by rope to an antiquated hydraulic system. A glance upwards revealed the unkempt concrete elevator shaft, extending above me for what seemed like miles.

The elevator wasn’t working properly. It wouldn’t stop in line with the floors I wanted to exit at. Instead, it would stop half way between floors, with an inaccessible closed door above me and another below. It kept moving up, attempting to stop at each floor until it reached the top of the building and I could travel no longer. The lift wouldn’t respond and I realised I was trapped in this cage at the top of the shaft, when all of a sudden its brakes gave in and I began falling toward the bottom. It wasn’t falling at a dangerous pace – it felt quite steady & controlled – but it was falling nonetheless. Eventually it hit the ground, and at the exact instant it made contact, I jolted awake suddenly and opened my eyes.

Then came the interesting bit!

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Phase Of Mind

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September 3rd, 2012 Posted 8:24 pm

Earlier this year I recorded a few lines for a song called Phase Of Mind by my mate silvabeats, a producer from my hometown of Townsville. Here’s the final product!

silvabeats is a recording artist from tropical Townsville, North Queensland, Australia. silvabeats produces music that is a unique mix of Hip Hop, Rock, Electronic, and Dance.

If you dig the tune, you should totally pay a visit to the silvabeats website where you can sample some of his other tracks: http://www.silvabeats.com. There are some free MP3 downloads, and you can also get your hands on a copy of his debut album, Aussie Kiss.

Check it out!

Toilets Of North Queensland


June 14th, 2010 Posted 8:36 pm

For the past few weeks I’ve been up visiting my home territory of north Queensland, holidaying around the place and showing the sights to my dear friend, Jess from London.  My lovely mother bestowed a gift upon me in the form of a digital SLR camera, so I thought that throughout our travels – just for something different – I’d keep a photo journal of all the interesting toilet-related paraphernalia that we came across.  This idea was inspired by another one of my London friends, Rhiannon, who appreciates a good dunny when she sees one!

And so I begin my journal in the small township of Tully, about half way between my home in Bluewater and the tropical city of Cairns, where I would meet up with Jess. Tully is known for being one of the wettest towns in Australia, and an eight metre statue of a gumboot was erected at the entrance to the town to signify their highest annual rainfall. It’s also the UFO capital of Australia, with more sightings occurring here than anywhere else.

I stopped at the public toilets located just behind some picturesque gardens on the main street of town, Butler St. I was particularly impressed with the art deco tiling and the dislodged floor tile by the wall:

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