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Keep Your Eye On The £££

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April 12th, 2009 Posted 7:20 pm

 The other day I stopped by the cashpoint at Thornton Heath, to withdraw a bit of spending money to see through the weekend. I put my card in, keyed in my PIN, pressed the button that said “£30”, took my card out of the machine… and walked off without the bloody cash! I didn’t even realise until about half an hour later when I went to pay for something and my wallet was empty. I felt like such an idiot!

Skip forward to today. I decided to go for a walk to Croydon to get out of the house, and before too long my thoughts progressed to my absent-mindedness at the cashpoint the other day. 30 quid was a fair amount of money to let go of, but hey, it did teach me a lesson, and I did find comfort in knowing I would have made the day of the next person to use the cashpoint.

Whilst deliberating the hidden meaning behind my lost money experience, as one does when one is alone and has nothing better to do or think about, I noticed two girls walking towards me. As they drew near, I saw what looked like a folded brochure slip out of one of the girls hands, unnoticed, and onto the ground. We walked past each other without acknowledgement, and I inquisitively approached the dropped article to see what it was. It was £15.

Yes, I did give it back, and the girl was very thankful and surprised that she ever saw the money again, given that we were in an area like Croydon! But what are the chances of that? To have lost money, then to be thinking about the experience a few days later, and at exactly the same time to witness someone else lose money?

I feel I’m becoming Synchronicity Central. Stay tuned for more as they happen. And go put an entry into the lotto too 😉

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25 Random Things About Daniel

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February 7th, 2009 Posted 10:04 pm

1. I don’t think there’s place in the world any more for Roman numerals.

2. For many years now I’ve been trying to write a song containing the word “meniscus,” but I can never seem to fit it in anywhere.

3. The best thing I’ve done since being in the UK was spend the day in Hathersage, in the Peak District. I’d gladly live that day again.

4. I think it’s wrong to ever blatantly criticise any form of artwork – whether it be music, photography, painting, fashion, theatre, poetry or whatever. Opinions are understandable, constructive critisism is great, but to put down someone’s creation by needlessly slamming them is an act of the devil as far as I’m concerned.

5. It took me four months to realise my paper train ticket could get me onto the tube as well. If I’d have known that earlier, I could have saved £160 on my Oyster card. Dammit!

6. If I chose to study again one day, I would do so in a field such as natural or vibrational medicine.

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The Parkwood Apology: May Your Soul Keep You Going

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February 6th, 2009 Posted 11:10 pm

Back in the days playing gigs in pubs around south-east Queensland we’d always meet characters. Some people were hilarious, some were drowning their sorrows, some were agressive, some were flirty, some were complete nutters, and some had really amazing stories to tell.

We had a residency on Tuesday nights at the Parkwood Tavern on the Gold Coast, and there was this one girl in particular who was a regular at the pub. I gradually got to know her as weeks went by, and one night during breaks between sets she completely opened up to me about her past. Her story really, really moved me, and later on that night I sat and wrote down everything I could remember about our conversation, with the intention of one day turning her life story into a song. I’m yet to do that, and to be honest I’d completely forgotten about her until the other day when I happened to read over my old notes. A flood of memories came rushing back, and I’m going to share her story here, both because I wonder how she’s doing today, and also because it makes me realise how fucking lucky I am to be living the life I’m living.

Just a warning: it’s a bit explicit.

It was the 20th of March, 2007. I didn’t get her name. Well I’m sure I did at some stage, but I didn’t make note of it, and I definitely can’t remember it. She was in her early 20’s, quite attractive, fairly thin and around 170cm tall with light brown/blondish hair. She exuberated a very honest, friendly personality, and she also had quite a “simple” feel to her, suggesting she wasn’t the academic type and didn’t really have any major ambitions in life. Despite this, however, I got a clear impression from early on that she was vulnerable, and there was something underneath her confident disposition that suggested all was not well.

You wouldn’t have known it at a first glance, but she was a junkie.

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Hidden Fabric Messages

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November 27th, 2008 Posted 10:57 pm

This morning I was in the bathroom taking a shower and my eyes were nonchalantly drawn towards the bathmat laying on the floor. You know what it’s like when you’re situated in an inactive environment – there’s nothing specific to look at, so you just end up staring at something and daydreaming. Anyway, after about 20 seconds of semi-conscious fixation at the bathmat, my now slightly-out-of-focus eyes picked up on a pattern made by the folds and creases within the bathmat, and quite bizarrely, I could clearly make out the word “FIG.” I then blinked my eyes a few times, and it was gone.

This experience brought me back to when I was in my early/mid teens. I would wake up in the morning and the first thing I would see would be a wisp of sunlight sneaking through the gap where the two halves of my curtains met. Continuing my routine of awakening, I would rub my eyes a few times, prop my head up on my pillow, and lay and stare at the curtains for a while before actually rising from bed. On many occasions, I would make out patterns and words within the fabric of the curtains, in a similar way to the “FIG” I saw this morning.

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In Memory Of The Bird Who Fell Out Of Its Nest

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September 10th, 2007 Posted 3:11 pm

I was walking through the city today and noticed a commotion in a little garden near an office building. There was a baby bird who had fallen out of its nest in the tree onto the footpath, and his parents were flying around frantically trying to feed him and keep him out of danger. He seemed physically fine considering he fell from a tree so I picked him up off the ground and put him back in the garden where it was safer and where his parents could keep an eye on him. Unfortunately though the tree was just too high so there was no hope of finding the nest. He was trying so hard to get back up to where mum was, but he just wasn’t old enough to fly.

He wasn’t there when I walked past an hour later. I hope he somehow made it back up. Poor little guy

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The Petrol Station In The Middle Of Nowhere

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April 27th, 2007 Posted 9:45 am

I was thinking back on past times the other day when out of the blue a memory came back to me of a coincidental occurance that happened a few years ago, which I had long forgotten about. So I thought I’d share it here in my blog, seeing as I have a habit of talking about coincidences.

Back in grade 12 during one of the school holidays our family went for a trip out to Alice Springs / Uluru. Stayed a few days there and saw all the sights, but instead of going straight back home we decided to keep driving down and make an impromptu visit to Adelaide to see the rellies.

I remember on the morning we drove out of Uluru, we stopped at a petrol station which was literally in the middle of nowhere – it was on the main highway that goes straight down the Northern Territory, but it was in the dead heart of the outback, miles away from any kind of civilisation. So we stopped to fill up the car and grabbed a quick feed at the cafe, sitting outside to eat our meal.

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