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February 7th, 2010 Posted 7:27 pm

Throughout 2010 I laid down some demos of a few new songs on my trusty home recording desk, in preparation for recording my album in October. The studio recording has been done now, but here are a couple of those demos for you to listen to.

DEMO #1: The Tree That Took My Love

– 7th February, 2010

I wrote this about a tree in London that I was sat under as her heartbreaking words shattered my life to pieces.

Click here to listen to the demo MP3

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Mumford & Sons (Awakened My Soul)

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February 1st, 2010 Posted 2:25 am

I find that every twelve to eighteen months, a song is released which overwhelms me with inspiration the moment its soundwaves first brush against my eardrums.

This happened around eighteen months ago while I was in England, when I was lucky enough to hear Brakes by Royworld for the first time (but that’s another story). It didn’t happen again until October of this year, during my second week living in Sydney. I’d just moved into my new apartment the day before and I was on my way back home from my second day at my new job, my earphones loudly blasting my favourite radio station, Triple J, as I walked toward the train station. A distinctly Australian hip-hop song was playing, I can’t remember which band it was, but I was paying more attention to the people, buildings and cars that were around me than I was paying to the music.

The hip-hop song faded away, and all of a sudden, I was graced with an almost hesitant-sounding open acoustic D minor chord, resolving up to the F and followed shortly by drums, bass and a few banjo strums. I was instantly hooked by the natural, folksy tonality, before even a word had been sung. I listened intently, my awareness of the outside world shrinking as my earphones delivered a melody which made my hair stand on end. By the time the harmonic chorus kicked in, I’d stopped in the middle of the path, unable to continue on until this song had come to an end, and I’d discovered who on earth were playing this incredible piece of music. I was soon to learn that the song was Little Lion Man, by London folk/rock band, Mumford & Sons:

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Ben Lee: Much Respect To You

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March 28th, 2009 Posted 9:55 pm

Last Wednesday night I went out to IndigO2 (a venue inside the Millennium dome at Greenwich, London) because O2 had kindly put on a free gig headlined by Australia’s very own singer/songwriter extraordinaire, Ben Lee. Who can’t say no to a free gig?

I’ve always been a fan of Ben, not a die-hard fan or anything, but enough to appreciate his sentiment and follow his career over the years. I’d seen him perform once before in Brisbane back in 2005, not long after he released Awake Is The New Sleep, and I left the gig quite impressed with his showmanship and his ability to work the crowd. He was most definitely a born entertainer.

His gig the other night was no exception to this – from the moment he walked on stage he had the audience in the palm of his hand. He quipped about the set list he’d scribbled on the back of a packet of Sainsbury’s hummous, before taking us on a philosophical journey of his beloved pop music. He brought us back to his breakthrough song of 1998 where he wished we were all wrong, then he regrouped by inviting us all to take part in this together. By the end of his performance the crowd had clearly caught his disease, and we all walked off into the dark with a sense of coming so close to a ripe, numbing sensation of no guilt and all pleasure.

Song-lyric puns aside, there was one tune in particular that Ben sang which really, really intrigued me. I’d never heard it before, and at the time I was under the impression that he had written it himself. I found out later that it was written by a guy called Kristopher Roe and originally recorded by the band he fronts, the Ataris, who I remembered from a few years ago when they did that version of Don Henley’s Boys Of Summer. The song by the Ataris that I’m referring to here, though, is aptly entitled Ben Lee, and the lyrics are as follows:

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The Tree That Took My Love

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November 23rd, 2008 Posted 11:04 pm

*you can download a demo recording of this song here

Lay me down in fields of green
The summer sun, it tastes as sweet as you

Fruits and flowers surround our dream
Our wish for native beauty has come true

Grounded now I heard you spoke
Your burrowed seeds, your barren throat
Godforsaken tears, they choke from you

Our undergrowth is drying up
And I’ve had enough of this
Photosynthetic mindfuck

Burn it down, the branches wasting
Ashen ground incineration
Leaves of brown reciprocating
Resin from our hearts

Wrath of life reduced to stumps
A hand for hand, a trunk for trunk
It’s killing me, this tree that took my love

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Michael Hutchence: 22/01/1960 – 22/11/1997

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November 22nd, 2007 Posted 8:22 pm


It was ten years ago today that I had my first ever public performance playing guitar in front of a crowd, at a hotel in Townsville. I was 13 years old, and the event was to celebrate “Oz Music Month.” I remember late in the afternoon, not long after my performance, the news came through that you had tragically passed away.

At the time, I was not exactly sure who you were, but the look of shock on everybody’s faces made me realise that your passing was serious – a harrowing occurance that regrettably resonated through the hearts of so many people.

As the years went by and I broadened my musical horizons, I discovered who this man was, that was Michael Hutchence. Such an amazing life you led and such an emotive voice you sang with, performing songs with a melodious embrace that remains unequalled to this day.

As I sit here reflecting upon your contribution to society, I notice the irony in how this one day ten years ago saw the end to your life – yet the beginning of my own music endeavours.

I know that one day we will meet in another realm and I will have the opportunity to thank you personally for the inspiration you left for me and for millions of others, but until then, may your memory forever shine like it does.

Michael Kelland John Hutchence: 22/01/1960 – 22/11/1997

More Than I Can Handle

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May 26th, 2005 Posted 3:46 pm

*you can download the  recording of this song from my Comfort Zone EP here

Romantic movie
Where you said to me
That everyone must chase their heart

Not like that movie
You prove right to me
That my acting doesn’t suit the part

Although I’m ever grateful for all that you’ve done
I’ll wait til you say I’m the one, it’s you who I adore

Thinkin’ bout the time we’ve spent is more than I can handle
But I’ll not be dampened that you drew the line
Everyone and everything I meet will never make my life complete
Until the day where you’ll be mine

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