Dan Schaumann

Official site of avid traveller and singer/songwriter, Dan Schaumann. Debut album "A Thousand Days Beneath The Sun" out now on CD and iTunes.


Thanks for dropping by.

I’m an Australian singer/songwriter, filmmaker, sound designer and world explorer who has been living in Canada since 2013.


My debut album A Thousand Days Beneath The Sun is now available on iTunes, Spotify, CD and as a free download through NoiseTrade.

You can find out more about it at my music page.

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My creative projects:

Photos of interesting toilets I’ve seen around the world, featured on CTV News, CTV Your Morning, Lonely Planet and the Toronto Star! See where it all started on Instagram and subscribe on YouTube for the latest videos from my toilet tourism travels.

A growing list of Australian towns and locations that have been immortalized by song.


You can also browse the blog here at my website. I don’t blog too much any more these days but here are some of my favourite posts from years gone by:

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Montpelier, where there is no McDonalds
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milkshake made of mushroom
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busking endeavours
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Ecuador & Chile
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A number of 
dates that have gone a bit wrong
A humongous
filing cabinet
Seventeen days spent in Egypt (the happiest 2 weeks of my life)
Polish translation of one of my songs
A piece of the
Devil in everything you buy
A vote to 
Rodriguez for Prime Minister
A young woman’s
journey through years of abuse
A likely encounter with a ghost at Toowong Cemetery


I hope you enjoy your time here.